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I won't forget you,ever.
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Long road which leads to the calm hill
I go leaving my sadness behind
Good night.. my beloved
Last heaven of mine

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Last Heaven PV - Ruki ver.

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The GazettE - Last Heaven


the GazettE - LAST HEAVEN (PV)


Burst Into a Blaze 2006

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I showed a Uruha photo for a friend and he said: “Oh she is so cute! What is her name?”

things like this hurt but holly hell was so funny like:

Me: Isn’t a girl bro!

He: What?

Me: She is a man…

He: what

Me: U said that a man is cute oh my god that’s gay.

He: what

Me: turbo gay!

He: …

Me: sooooo gay

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😍 💙

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(Source: thegazett-e)